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Breaking News | Government to take final call on conducting or cancelling of CBSE, ICSE Class 12 Board Exams in next two days


Gana Adhikar News, New Delhi, May 31 : Central Government today informed the Supreme Court that it would take a final decision on the issue of conducting or cancelling Class – XII CBSE, ICSE Board exams in the next two days and sought time till Thursday to place its decision before the apex court.

The Supreme Court earlier today adjourned to Thursday, the plea filed for cancellation of CBSE and ICSE Class XII exams, after being informed by the Attorney General of the Government’s intent to take a decision in the coming two days.

The Bench observed that if Centre decides to depart from previous year’s policy, it needs to have good reasons since in a similar situation last year – as the country was battling first wave of Covid pandemic – the decision (of internal marking system) was taken after good deliberation.

The hearing was adjourned after India’s Attorney General appearing for the Centre informed the apex court that the government would take a final call within the next two days.

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