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Perfume Baron from Assam Mushtaque Anfar spends over half a Crore Rs to Charter Direct Flight from Guwahati to Dubai to return to his workplace


GA News, Guwahati, May 21 : For the first time in Assam, a private jet took off all the way from Dubai to pick up only one family from Guwahati to fly them back amidst Covid pandemic surge and flight entry ban to Arab Emirates from India. Reputed perfume baron and noted social worker from Assam, Mushtaque Anfar, spent over Half-a-Crore Rupees to charter direct flight from Guwahati to Dubai to return back to his work

Mushtaque Anfar – a renowned businessmen and social worker from Assam based in Dubai – who  runs a multinational perfume empire and flourishing Oud business and is also the president of Jamiat Ulama Assam, had been in Assam lately to spend time with his mother and for his social work. 

However, due to the surge of second wave of Covid pandemic in India many countries including the United Arab Emirates banned all in-bound  flights from India. 

Having built his growing business empire with a relentless passion for hard work and commitment to what he does, Anfar thought keeping out of work for a long time would not be justified. Therefore, he planned his own return to Dubai route through Charter flight and took his wife , son and grandchildren back to Dubai on 5 hrs : 30 mins direct charter flight from Guwahati to Dubai. 
Mushtaque Anfar’s Perfume company Oudh Al Anfar was established in 1950 by his late Father Haji Anfar Ali Sahab and today this flourishing perfume company has showrooms all over the GCC countries such as UAE , Kuwait , Saudi , Oman and many others GCC countries.
Anfar’s internationally reputed perfume company has distribution channels spread over more than 32 countries with its factories and headquarters based in the Arab Emirates


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