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#UPDATES VIDEO ISRAEL-PALESTINIAN HAMAS CLASH : US President Biden push for Significant De-escalation in Israel-Palestinian Hamas’ Air Strikes and Counter-Strikes


Jerusalem Bureau , GA News, 20 May : Amidst global outcry over continuing air-strikes in Israel and Palestinian Gaza territory, US president Joe Biden has stepped up pressure on Israel and Palestinian Hamas to de-escalate significantly and stop strikes and counter-strikes against each other. President Biden in a telephone call to Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday said that he expects “significant de-escalation” by day’s end.   

Reacting to Biden’s call for de-escalation. Hamas spokesman Hazem Qassam said those who sought to restore calm must “compel Israel to end its aggression in Jerusalem and its bombardment of Gaza in Palestine.”

Over 200 civilians including women and children, have been killed in this new round of deadly military clash between Israel and Palestinian’s Hamas organization.

The Palestinian Hamas’s Rocket Strike Brigade has over the past week literally smashed through Israel’s air defence system ‘Iron Dome’ and struck at the heart of Israel’s capital Tel Aviv and several other key locations with devastating precision and consequences. Several Israeli civilians, including foreigners, were killed from the Hamas’ relentless air strikes. Israel also continued to ramp up its air strikes hitting several landmark buildings in Palestinian territory of Gaza killing many Palestinian civilians including women and children.

This latest round of brutal military confrontation started after Israei settlers in Jerusalem escalated attempts to take over land and homes of Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem . Palestinians have been resisting Israeli settlers attempt to take their land and homes.


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